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1957年 5月 5日公会成立典礼 2015-2018理事就职典礼

KBMTA was formerly known as Kuching Bicycle Traders Association. The bicycle traders of Heng Hua Clan formed the association on 5th May 1957. Initially, the Association was sharing the premises with Kuching Heng Ann Association at Jalan Padungan before renting a 1st Floor shop-lot at Jalan Padungan as its premises for decades. The Association holds its anniversary celebration dinner annually on 5th May as a platform to foster closer relationship among its members. The Association also receives funding from sponsors every year to keep it going.


In 1960s, motorcycles have gradually replaced bicycles as common means of transportation. Many of our members who are originally bicycle traders slowly changed their business nature to trading motorcycles. In order to enroll more membership, we have re-named the Association to Kuching Bicycle and Motor Traders Association.

In 1990s, our former Chairman, Mr. Ho Kim Min during his tenure had generously allowed the Association to use one of his shop-lots at Petanak Road as our office free of charge. In the early 2000s, the Association finally owns himself a place called "home" with the purchase of two unit shop-lots at P11-3-6 C & D, Chonglin Park, Jalan Tabuan as a result of combined effort put in by the committee members. We are honored to have YB. Datuk Douglas Uggah Ak Embas, the Deputy Minister of Transport to declare open the new premises on 7th May 2006. A grand dinner was held to mark the auspicious occasion with gracious attendance from ministers, government officials and fellow business partners throughout the country to commemorate its 50th Anniversary Celebration.


Under the leadership of new Chairman, Temenggong Lu Kim Yong, the working committee enrolled two third of new faces in year 2006. Among them, many are learned professionals. In the interim, our Association has become a member of the Malaysia Motorcycle And Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA). Under MMSDAs umbrella, we have introduced various activities beneficial to our members daily operation of their business such as e-hakmilik system, C-TOS blacklist system, SKM-PPT certification and hire purchase computerized software, etc.

In 2012, Mr. Lau Soon Yiun was unanimously elected to office as Chairman for the fiscal year 2012-2015, and for the second term from 2015 through 2018. We believe under the leadership of Mr. Lau association will take another step further.

We firmly believe that the Association would be able to soar into greater height with co-operation and support from its members. We would continue to strive for the betterment of our members, to upgrade their professionalism in order to be more competent in the industry. We would also like to take this opportunity to call upon the motorcycle traders in Kuching and Samarahan divisions who are not our members yet to join us and together we can bring the Association to its peak.




20世紀90年代,本會前主席何金明先生慷慨免費借用他位於畢達拿路一棟店屋的第四層樓作為本會會所.一直到21世紀初,在執委們群策群力的集資下購買宗林園P11-3-6C座及D座兩個單位作為本會新會所,並於200657日邀請聯邦副交通部長YB.Datuk Douglas Uggah Anak Embas 主持開幕啟用,同時於當天晚上假古晉希爾頓大酒店舉辦創會50週年紀念慶祝會.出席嘉賓包括部長,政府長官,全國同業皆前來祝賀,盛況空前.

2006年在新屆主席天猛公劉金榮帶領下,執委會中吸納了三份之二的新面孔.其中不乏有識之士參與公會會務.與此同時,本會也加入馬來西亞電單車總會(MMSDA).通過全國總會的協助,本會更加積極的推動多項有助於同業們業務的活動.其中包括e-hakmilik 系統, CTOS Blacklist system, SKM-PPT專業文憑認證,分期付款電腦軟件系統等等,都直接惠及同業們的日常業務.






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